RAD was charged with developing a suite of semi-custom outdoor furniture for Sweetgreen’s national roll-out and current restaurants' replacement needs. Their primary concerns were lead-time, per/unit costs, and durability/maintenance. 
We were able to address the first two concerns by over-producing a large run of stackable cafe chairs and lightweight aluminum 2-tops, thereby saving on per/unit costs and cutting down on lead-times, Additionally, we warehoused their overflow stock and shipped product on-demand.
RAD Furniture Sweetgreen Cafe Chair Cafe Table Century City Los Angeles Steel Teak
As for durability, the gloss powder coat is a robust and easy-to-clean finish, while one-piece welded-constructions eliminate the need for fasteners (which get wobbly over time). Speaking of wobbly: the 3-legged design of the Cafe Table accommodates uneven surfaces via some basic physics.
RAD Furniture Sweetgreen furniture suite westfield mall los angeles california