Meet RAD Studio

Architecture and design services from the inside out.

RAD approaches our architecture and design projects with the same rigor and attention to detail that we use in designing and manufacturing furniture. As with our furniture, we approach our architecture projects with a focus on the efficient use of materials and resources in order to create refreshingly effortless, durable and beautiful spaces.

Our years of experience in furnishing communal areas gives us a unique perspective. We like to design from the inside out, understanding first how the interior will be organized to be used to its fullest potential, and designing the enclosure around it.

Our fabrication experience enables us to create unique designs that take advantage of existing manufacturing processes.  We enjoy working with clients to create public spaces that are commercial hubs for their communities, such as restaurants, retail and office spaces.

Spartan Trailer: Santa Monica, CA

An iconic 1950 Spartan Trailer, reimagined and reconfigured to serve as a cafe and hi-fi lounge on the campus of a tech company

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