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Perforated bar stool

Howard SeriesBar Stool

A piece of perforated pop-art that’s as comfortable as it is minimal. Don’t be fooled by Howard’s constrained use of material: true-to-form, he’s designed to give a little, but never break. Stackable for easy storage, completely weatherproof, and easy to clean, Howard will last a lifetime.

Choose from neutral white, grey, rust, or flat black, or inject with one of our five standard brights. As with all RAD products, custom coloring is available upon request. And of course, Howard being a pragmatist at heart, is available in table, counter, and bar-height models.


Powdercoated Perforated Steel


Medium (Counter-Height), corresponds to 34-36" surfaces: 24"HT x 16.5"W x 15"D (15 lb)

Large (Bar-Height), corresponds to 40-42" surfaces: 29"HT x 16.5"W x 15"D (16.5 lb)