Sweetgreen - Nationwide Roll-Out & Replacement (Culver City HQ shown)

RAD was charged with developing a suite of semi-custom outdoor furniture for Sweetgreen’s national roll-out and current restaurants' replacement needs. Their primary concerns were lead-time, per/unit costs, and durability/maintenance. We were able to address the first two concerns by over-producing a large run of stackable cafe chairs and lightweight aluminum 2-tops, thereby saving on per/unit costs and cutting down on lead-times, Additionally, we warehoused their overflow stock and shipped product on-demand. As for durability, the gloss powder coat is a robust and easy-to-clean finish, while one-piece welded-constructions eliminate the need for fasteners (which get wobbly over time). Speaking of wobbly: the 3-legged design of the Cafe Table accommodates uneven surfaces via some basic physics.


Harvard Business School - Innovations Lab

Harvard Business School came to RAD to develop tables and counters to live on its Innovation Lab patio throughout the year. RAD provided its signature perforated tables and some custom perforated counters. Each is a one-piece welded-construction, ensuring a long and sturdy lifespan. The perforated surface is desirable for all weather conditions, whether it be rain, snow, dirt or wind. Additionally, they are easy to clean with a hose and/or rag.


Warby Parker - Abbot Kinney Store in Venice, CA

For their Venice Beach location, Warby Parker decided to modify our signature perforated bench to include a back. Given the store’s proximity to the salty air, and super-public use, RAD provided an upgraded metallized primer, and boltable foot detailing. These live on an LA sidewalk, 24/7/365.


Patagonia - Flagship Event Space in SOHO, NYC

For their flagship event space in SOHO, Patagonia requested furniture sturdy enough to withstand heavy use, but light enough to move around frequently. Patagonia opted for RAD’s signature perforated table and matching benches, which are visually minimal and unobtrusive, despite taking up much of the room.