RAD produces quality furniture that takes advantage of a material’s inherent strengths and properties:

Perforation Infill

Lightweight, breathable, will not collect water/dirt, no sail-effect, easy to clean, readily available, visually minimal - Steel Structure: high strength-to-weight ratio, durable, readily available, recycled/recyclable, easy to work with

Solid Aluminum Tops

Lightweight, anti-corrosive


Low VOC, long-lasting, customizable appearance


The majority of RAD’s products are 100% welded constructions, thereby eliminating fasteners that will deteriorate and& loosen over time


The proper combination of design elements can produce a chair that is both comfortable and stackable


Durable and non-marking hardware protects floors and furniture, and can be customized based on use and ground conditions

Colors & Finishes

We offer 9 standard powdercoat colors, with custom options available upon request (subject to cost increase). Some products are available in a copper-plated option. All our steel is sandblasted and zinc-primed prior to applying outdoor polyester powdercoating. More robust priming is recommended for certain geographic locations (subject to cost increase). Some of our pieces are available in blackened steel, with indoor anti-rust clear coating. Please contact us directly with any questions regarding samples, finish type, color, etc.

RAD believes in producing ethically and environmentally responsible furniture.


We design and produce furniture that is meant to last generations. Our furniture will not end up on a curbside or in a landfill. If/when the finish needs to be redone, pieces can be recoated, thereby restoring the piece to a like-new state. Whenever possible, we utilize one piece welded construction, eliminating the need for fasteners which can loosen and fail over time, thereby rendering the piece useless.


Since we control all manufacturing inputs, we are able to achieve efficiencies in production and material use, thereby limiting trash and keeping scrap to a minimum. All steel/aluminum scrap is recycled.

Living Wages

We pay our workers living wages, allowing them to contribute to the communities in which they reside.


Local/Regional/Domestically Manufactured (Locally Sourced Materials)
With our design and manufacturing efforts based in Los Angeles, RAD provides local clients with hand delivered goods. Our national clients receive their pieces via Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) delivery, which allows us to combine with existing shipments to save on emissions.


Steel: Recycled, Recyclable, and Re-Usable (Product Life Cycle Optimization)
Steel’s recyclability is a key factor contributing to its being a sustainable material. Once steel is produced, its life cycle is potentially endless because it is easy to recover with magnets, and is 100% recyclable, without loss of quality. This makes it a permanent resource for society, as long as it is recovered at the end of each product life cycle.


Powder Coating (Low VOC-Emitting Materials) Powder Coatings produce the lowest carbon footprint, as compared to other industrial coating systems. This saves 20-60% in CO2 emissions compared to sol- vent-borne coatings, which typically require more paint to obtain equivalent coverage and more energy for solvent evaporation and air heating. Powder coating also lasts longer than solvent applications, thereby reducing future CO2 emissions. In addition, powder coating does not off-gas as solvents do, thereby creating a safer environment for both the applicants and users.