La Colombe Frogtown: Los Angeles, California

La Colombe Frogtown: Los Angeles, California

Frogtown is a unique sliver of LA, situated just west of the LA River. Zoned for both housing and industrial businesses, its charm is a result of the intersection of its vibrant residential community and varied creative community, made up, in part, of designers, manufacturers, and film studios. RAD operates in the middle of Frogtown, just down the bike path from La Colombe.

aluminum and steel outdoor furniture at a cafe and coffee shop

La Colombe has become a fixture for the RAD team for their exceptional coffee and the equally great people who work there. Their clientele represents the diverse surrounding community, and it has become a hub for their neighbors and the many cyclists and runners enjoying the adjacent bike path. RAD was honored to create an outdoor space for La Colombe that would serve its employees and visitors.

RAD’s Perforated Series was a strategic choice for its functionality, as the material is both easy to clean and combats heat retention. As with many restaurants and coffee shops, furniture is brought inside each night—stackable Cafe Chairs and lightweight Aluminum-Top Cafe Tables allow for easy storage when not in use.

steel outdoor table and perforated metal chairs at an outdoor cafe

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