About Us

RAD is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of super-durable outdoor/indoor goods that are efficiently produced in standard sizes and colors. All of our products are manufactured in the USA utilizing responsible materials and practices.

Product Specification & Customization: since we manage both the design and manufacture of our own product line, we are able to efficiently customize various elements to meet the exact needs of your brand and environment. We can work with you (and/or your designers, whether in-house or 3rd party) to determine and specify the appropriate combinations of styles, sizes, colors and foot-detailing for your space & use. This service is embedded in our process and does not incur additional charges.

Design and Architectural Services:  along with the aforementioned 2D space planning and basic product specification process, we can provide additional Design Services, ranging from dimensioned 3-D space planning and color studies (FF&E) to fully-custom, brand-specific product development.

Logistical Services: in addition to the development and manufacture of quality products, we often provide customized logistical services for our clients. We can pre-produce inventory in-bulk, based on projected needs, thereby saving on per/unit costs and cutting down on lead times for complex rollouts. Additionally, we are capable of warehousing and coordinating inventory and shipments, per location -- on demand and on time.

Email orders@RADfurniture.com with your project details so that we can provide job specific customization and pricing.

Also feel free to reach out directly to any of the folks listed below:

Ryan Anderson - Client Relations Lead, ryan@radfurniture.com
Russell Hill - Operations and Finance, russell@radfurniture.com
Chelsea LaBelle  - Communications Directorchelsea@radfurniture.com
Ruben Ruckman - Architectural Services, ruben@radfurniture.com
Matthew Wolak - Design and Production, matthew@radfurniture.com
Inegemar Hagen-Keith - Intermediate Design, ingemar@radfurniture.com

Photo credit: ©Ty Cole