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RAD for Foxtrot: Custom Patio Partitions and Planters

RAD for Foxtrot: Custom Patio Partitions and Planters

As a business focused on bringing a specialty experience to the everyday convenience store, Foxtrot knows a thing or two about bridging form and function. Sourcing the best versions of the goods you’d find at your average bodega, they’ve become known for finding and curating the best of the best. To that end, we were honored when their store design team engaged RAD back in 2020 to develop custom fixtures that reflect their brand identity and unique perspective.

Custom restaurant patio partitions and planters by RAD Furniture for Foxtrot

Since then, RAD has designed a system of customizable, modular patio partitions and planters that both fit in with their store experience and meet the performance requirements needed for high-traffic, outdoor commercial spaces. To support their national expansion and respond to the time-sensitive needs of a rapidly growing business, the designs have become standards they can easily depend on for every opening. And because each location has specific needs, the partitions can be sized to each patio, varying in length and height in response to the varying programs at each location.

Have an idea for custom furniture or fixtures for your restaurant, cafe, or other commercial project? Reach out – we’d love to hear what you have in mind.

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