RAD for Foxtrot: Custom Patio Partitions and Planters

RAD for Foxtrot: Custom Patio Partitions and Planters

Foxtrot, a leader in bringing specialty experiences to everyday convenience stores, collaborated with RAD in 2020 to create a collection of innovative, customizable, and modular patio partitions and planters designed to elevate their outdoor commercial space.

RAD's expertise shines through in crafting fixtures that not only align with Foxtrot's brand identity but also meet the rigorous performance requirements of high-traffic areas. RAD’s custom design and fabrication work for Foxtrot are now standards for the Foxtrot brand, streamlining the process of new location openings and addressing the time-sensitive demands of their rapidly growing business.

Custom restaurant patio partitions and planters by RAD Furniture for Foxtrot

Customizable Design:

RAD's design system allows for easy customization, catering to the specific needs of each Foxtrot location. Every fixture is tailored to enhance the unique characteristics of each location.

Performance and Aesthetics:

The patio partitions and planters are both visually appealing and designed to withstand the demands of outdoor commercial spaces. This blend of aesthetics and functionality ensures they seamlessly integrate with Foxtrot's store experience.

National Expansion Support:

As Foxtrot expands nationally, RAD's designs have proven to be reliable. The flexibility of the custom fixtures enables Foxtrot to maintain consistency while adapting to diverse location requirements.

Are you envisioning custom furniture or fixtures such as partitions and planters for your restaurant, cafe, or commercial project? Contact us today—RAD is eager to collaborate and create bespoke solutions that elevate your space.

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