Social Media Technology Company: Santa Monica, CA

Social Media Technology Company: Santa Monica, CA

When our client relocated in 2018 from a collection of office spaces spread across a local beach town to a large, unified campus, they saw an opportunity. For the first time, their teams would be centralized, offering new potential for connections and community that hadn't previously been possible.

The result was a state-of-the-art dining space built to serve hundreds of employees every day. In partnership with Bestor Architecture, RAD provided furniture that captured the fun and vibrancy of the brand while also meeting the functional needs of a heavily-trafficked area. RAD's standard collection was personalized and made unique with a branded color palette.

RAD Furniture White Oak School Chair and Cafe Table

RAD Furniture White Oak Barstools and Cafe Tables

Like most of RAD's seating options, the School Chairs and Solid Wood Barstools are stackable to simplify maintenance. To ensure longevity of our products, all RAD furniture is finished with a heavy duty powder coat, which is highly durable, low-VOC, and can also be re-finished for years to come, expanding the lifespace of the products indefinitely.

RAD Furniture Trash and Recycling Cart

In the search for a centralized utility area used for condiments and to house waste, our client turned to RAD to develop a furniture solution that would integrate with its environment rather than interrupt the clean and consistent design. These mobile pieces serve as a barrier between the dining space and a walkway and offer access to trash, recycling, and compost from both sides.

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