Bolt Down Tables for Restaurants, Cafes, and Commercial Projects

Bolt Down Tables for Restaurants, Cafes, and Commercial Projects

Looking for tables with bases that can be securely bolted to the ground for your next restaurant, cafe, or commercial project? Look no further than our selection of Cafe Tables with bolt down bases. We offer a range of customizable, indoor, and outdoor options to suit your needs perfectly.

Durable Steel Construction:

Our Cafe Tables boast a sturdy steel construction, ensuring longevity in any environment.

Customizable Table Tops:

Choose between a variety of tabletop options, including circular, square, and rectangular shapes, available in various sizes and materials. Whether you prefer an all-metal design or opt for one of our quality wood tabletops, we offer ample choices to accommodate every style.

Three Available Table Heights:

Our Cafe Tables are available in dining, counter, and bar height, ensuring versatility to suit any dining arrangement or space requirement.

Variety of Powder Coating Colors:

Choose from a wide array of powder coating colors to match your aesthetic preferences. Powder coating provides superior durability compared to traditional paint, forming a protective shell around the steel that enhances resistance to the elements, thus extending the lifespan of your furniture.

ADA-Compliant Bolt Down Tables:

Our Cafe Table with Bolted Two-Stem Base is an ADA-compliant solution for your inclusive space. Customize it with a variety of table top and powder coat color options.

Ready to order bolt down tables or other custom bolt down furniture solutions for your establishment? Reach out to us today—RAD is eager to collaborate and build tailor-made solutions for your space.

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