Crowd-Favorite Recipes from the RAD Community

Crowd-Favorite Recipes from the RAD Community

In celebration of a year of sharing, we invited our friends to contribute their favorite crowd-pleasing recipes to the first RAD Community Cookbook. While some recipes involve a bit more culinary finesse than others—an art we don’t necessarily make a living from—preparing a meal for loved ones reminds us at RAD of why we create in the first place. We offer these recipes as an invitation to gather your own communities around your table, and we look forward to another year of sharing our creations with you in 2024.


With contributions from:
Block Shop Textiles
Denvir Enterprises
Electric Bowery
Folk Textiles
Lovers Unite
Plant Material
Ravenhill Studio
Sally Breer World
Social Studies Projects


Throughout 2023, we hosted dinners for the LA design community, championed by our friends at Ravenhill Studio and brought to life in their workshop here on the Eastside. Although preparing a meal for scores of design professionals was not a skill listed in our job descriptions, we set aside aspirations for the perfect dinner party, delighted by the prospect of sharing a table at all. Potatoes were inadvertently burned, tupperware found its way to the wrong homes, serving spoons were constantly sought after, and dishes were scrubbed repeatedly. Yet, amid these mishaps and moments of improvisation, relationships were forged, questions were posed, and we found ourselves enjoying the type of connection we had so missed—the kind that led to trading phone numbers and catching up over wine, even months later.

With each dinner, our table welcomed new faces and new dishes, but two constants remained: too much food, and a feeling of incredible fortune to have the opportunity to share our creations, our time, and the collective experience of weaving a love and a skill into a career after a long day, all over a bowl of spicy sweet potatoes.

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