Custom Restaurant Fixtures and Brand Standards

Custom Restaurant Fixtures and Brand Standards

RAD Furniture is a team of designers and fabricators manufacturing furniture that is built to last in Los Angeles, CA. We work with restaurants and cafes to develop a cohesive expression of brand identity, with a selection of products that range from standard catalog pieces to customized (or all-new) designs.

We design and manufacture in-house at our fabrication shop in LA, along with a network of talented manufacturing partners in and around the area. Prioritizing local production allows us to customize our designs to fit a client’s brand and stay integrally involved in every step of manufacturing.

Custom Cafe Furniture:

—Cafe tables
—Cafe chairs
—Dining-height stools
Coffee tables
Side tables

 Custom Restaurant Furniture:

—Dining tables
—Dining chairs
—Dining-height stools
Dining-height benches

Common Customizations:

—170+ powder coat colors
—Umbrella grommets
—Alternative wood species
—Boltable feet
—Special sizes
—Power units
—COM upholstery

Brand-Specific Product Development

Sometimes the perfect off-the-shelf solution doesn’t exist yet. From our work with restaurants such as Sweetgreen nationwide, we’ve developed the experience and resources to develop products we can stand by and master large-scale production. We’ll work with you to complete your portfolio of standards with custom designs that speak to the uniqueness of your brand, from furniture to planters, outdoor partitions, and more.


Bulk Ordering & Personalized Logistics

We understand the complexity of multi-location openings and the timeliness required to open doors as soon as possible. Working with you to project upcoming needs and project timelines, we’ll manufacture bulk orders for multiple locations at once and ship furniture when a location is ready to receive it. This allows you to take advantage of deeper volume discounts and avoid the hassle of timing furniture deliveries amidst construction delays and evolving site conditions.

Do you need custom tables, seating or fixtures such as partitions and planters for your restaurant or cafe? Contact us today—RAD is eager to collaborate and create bespoke solutions for your project.

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