Timeless designs that out-live trends

Furniture that is built to last is inherently sustainable.

An estimated 17 billion pounds of office furniture alone ends up in landfills each year — by working primarily with steel, both a durable and sustainable material, we guarantee our products will stand the test of time and avoid hitting the curbside. Our timeless designs ensure that our furniture will out-live trends, and that our customers won’t  need to swap out RAD for the next best thing.

Steel is a readily available, endlessly recyclable material known for its strength and durability. Because it is near unbreakable, the majority of our chairs can support up to 600 pounds.

We source wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, meaning it comes from “responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.” You can read more about FSC certification at us.fsc.org.

Wood Finish 
Because our outdoor wood does not require finish, no maintenance beyond standard cleaning is necessary. Our indoor woods receive a low-VOC polyurethane finish, chosen for its durability and low impact on the environment during application.

Powder Coat
Powder coat has a long lifespan. Because it resists chipping and scratching, retains color, and produces no off-gassing, powder coat has become an industry-wide preference.. Because it is applied electrostatically, no particles are emitted into the environment during application. Steel can be re-coated if needed, indefinitely prolonging the lifespan of your furniture.

Whenever possible, RAD pieces are 100% welded, using no fasteners. When needed, only anti-corrosive steel hardware is used. Our standard foot hardware is durable, non-marking rubber or nylon, and our larger tables can be provided with adjustable feet, boltable feet, or casters upon request.

Low carbon foot-print
Manufacturing domestically gives us control over manufacturing inputs. This allows us to achieve efficiencies in production and material use, thereby limiting our waste.

LEED & Environmental Certifications 
Our furniture contributes to specific LEED credits. For questions about specific environmental qualifications, contact us.